Blackboard Library Services

To enhance student learning, the AUM Library suggests that the following services be used by faculty teaching Blackboard courses.

Link to the Library's Web Site

A link to the Library's Web site can be placed on the course main page. Library icons are available in Blackboard. The URL (Web address) for the Library is

Link to Research Guides

The Library provides online guides for research assistance. If you would like a guide created for your course assignment and/or a library instruction session for your students, contact Rickey Best at (334) 244-3276. Please allow at least two weeks notice.

Click here to view our Research Guides.

Link to the Library's Databases

Students can search the Library's databases for articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers from anywhere on or off campus.

Link to an Article

You can link to a specific article in your syllabus, reading list, or assignment from many of the Library's databases. This allows students to read the article anywhere anytime. To link to an article, you must first create a persistent link (a URL for an individual item). For information on creating persistent links, consult:

If you need assistance with linking to a specific article, contact Rickey Best at (334) 244-3276.

Please include a statement indicating that the articles and other materials to which you link are from the Library's databases. Access to these databases is supported by the students' technology fees.

Link to the Library's Online Catalog

Students can search the online catalog for materials in the Library as well as for e-books. The URL for the Library’s online catalog is

Link to Government Information

Federal and state governments provide access to the text of many publications on their Web sites. Frequently these publications and other government information are appropriate for academic research. For more information on locating and linking to government information online, contact Rickey Best at (334) 244-3642. You may also visit Government Documents or call (334) 244-3650.

Link to E-Reserves

The URL (Web address) for linking to E-Reserves is For information on placing materials on E-Reserves, refer to the E-Reserves policies or visit or call the Access Services Desk at 244-3647.

Link to Interlibrary Loan Request Forms

The URL (Web address) for linking to Interlibrary Loan Request Forms is

Link to Universal Borrowing

Universal Borrowing is a cooperative service that allows AUM students, faculty, and staff to borrow books directly from another ALLIES partner library. The URL (Web address) for linking to information on Universal Borrowing is

Link to Ask YOUR Library

If your students need additional research assistance, they can visit the Ask YOUR Library page.