Library Instruction

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Library Instruction Requests

Librarians teach sessions in which they discuss the materials, databases, services, and layout of the Library. Previously taught library instruction sessions require a week's notice. New library instruction sessions must be arranged at least two weeks in advance.

Faculty may request a library instruction session by contacting Samantha McNeillyTeaching & Outreach Librarian, at 334-244-3213 OR by clicking below:

All group use of the computer lab must be scheduled through the Library's instruction coordinator. For more information on reserving the Library's classroom/computer lab, see our Computer Lab Policies.


Library Instruction Policies

Library Instruction is provided only to members of the AUM community for the following:

  •     sessions for academic courses taught on campus or online
  •     orientations to the Library for groups of students, faculty, and staff

I. Goals

The primary goals of the Library Instruction program are for attendees:


  •     to gain a working knowledge of the AUM Library
  •     to become skilled in research techniques that will enable them to use the Library more effectively
  •     to develop a systematic method of research that can then be applied to the completion of research projects

II. Objectives

The following objectives have been established for the Library Instruction program.  Based on the class assignment, attendees will be instructed on how to:


  •     identify and utilize basic library services and equipment
  •     choose reference materials appropriate to specific research needs
  •     identify and utilize databases, the online catalog, and other electronic resources most appropriate to research needs
  •     recognize library formats, e.g., books, serials, microforms, etc.
  •     recognize the Library's classification systems

III. Types of Library Instruction

A.  Library Instruction Sessions for AUM Academic Courses

These sessions are designed to acquaint students with the library and its services and resources that are relevant for the course assignment. Sessions are conducted by librarians and/or library staff in the library or elsewhere on campus. Based on the needs of the course, the session may include:

  •     a demonstration and explanation of searches in online databases and the online catalog
  •     a demonstration using government information or relevant websites
  •     online library research guides
  •     in-class exercises and possible out-of-class assignments

B.  Library Orientations

Library orientations, which may be conducted in the Library or elsewhere on the AUM campus, are designed to inform members of the AUM community about the library and its resources without the in-depth demonstrations required by library instruction sessions for AUM academic courses.

IV. Library Instruction Calendar

The Library Instruction Calendar is available online.  As sessions are scheduled, they are entered on the calendar.

V.  Guidelines for Faculty

A.  Advance Notice

1.  Notice for Previously Taught Library Instruction Sessions
A minimum notice of five working days is necessary for a library instruction session that has been taught previously for the requesting faculty. A library instruction session will not be scheduled during the week that the request is made.  Please consult the Library Instruction Calendar for available times.

2.  Notice for New Library Instruction Sessions
A minimum notice of ten working days is required for a new (not previously taught) library instruction session. The longer notice provides the library instruction librarians with sufficient time to prepare an outline and instructional materials for the session and helps ensure scheduling for preferred dates.  Please consult the Library Instruction Calendar for available times.

B.  Faculty Involvement

1.  Content of Session
Faculty must provide information on the research assignment along with appropriate topics that can be used in the demonstration of library resources.  This information allows the librarian to choose the most appropriate library resources and focus the instruction to provide students with information needed to complete their research.

2.  Attendance
Faculty should attend the library instruction session with the students to offer valuable input during the session and emphasize the necessity and value of mastering basic research skills.