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Electronic Reserves Policy

Policies for AUM Distance Education (Online) Users

Internet Usage Policy

AUM Library encourages use of the Internet for academic pursuits. Access of pornographic sites is prohibited. The Library does not endorse every idea contained in the materials made available through the Internet; further, the Library can neither monitor nor control the flow of electronic information and is not responsible for its content. Parents, and only parents, have the right to restrict their children’s access to library resources; therefore, the Library will make no effort to prohibit or censor Internet use. The Library assumes no responsibility for damages, real or perceived, arising from the use of its Internet access terminals. In addition, since not all Internet resources provide accurate, complete, or current information, each site should be carefully evaluated as to its potential value or worth.

Further, please be advised that transactions conducted through the Internet should in no way be considered private. Individuals caught tampering with the system files or vandalizing library furniture/equipment will be barred from the library computers and subject to possible action by the University Discipline Committee.