We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our international students to the AUM Library! Below you’ll find many ways in which to say “welcome”, and a list of some of the countries that are represented here on campus.

Willkommen – Germany
Huan Ying – China
Laskavo prosymo – Ukraine
Yin-dee dtôn ráp – Thailand
Tervetuloa – Finland
Ahlan wa Sahlan – Saudi Arabia
Oso oseyo – Korea
G’day – Australia
Vitejte – Czech Republic
Bienvenue – France
Bienvenido – Spain
Bem-Vindo – Portugal, Brazil
Velkomin – Iceland
Dobrodosli – Slovenia
Foon ying – China
Witajcie – Poland
Welkom – The Netherlands
Irashaimasu – Japan
Velkommen – Denmark