Update on Library Barcodes

Beginning Summer Semester, 2008, AUM Library patrons (faculty, staff, and students) will begin using their new Senator ID based barcodes. This new barcode replaces the old, SSN-based barcodes, and will be used for logging in to the library’s databases, for placing requests through the online catalog, and for checking out and renewing items.
These barcodes consist of a 20, followed by the Senator ID, followed by a zero (0) at the end. If you do not know your Senator ID, please go here to look up your Senator ID (please note: this page is Maintained by IT Services. If you encounter problems with looking up your Senator ID, please contact the IT Services HelpDesk at 244-3500).
If you have any questions about the library barcode changeover or need help logging in to the library’s materials, please feel free to contact Tim Bailey at tbailey1@aum.edu for more information.