Recipe for Reading

If the phrase “culinary mystery” conjures up the image of a search through your cupboards for that elusive spice, then you have not been introduced to a reading delight. A culinary mystery is just want you would think, a mystery developed around cookery. One of the best authors of this type of mystery is Diane Mott Davidson. Her heroine is a caterer named Goldy Bear Schulz who seems to always find herself in the middle of a mystery as well as a catering job. The books are “G rated” page-turners, and they even include recipes! Three of Davidson’s books, Dark Tort, Double Shot and Sweet Revenge are available in the Browsing Collection at the AUM Library. The books are on the second floor and are arranged in alphabetical order by author. If you find you like these mysteries, check your local public library for other titles by Davidson such as Dying for Chocolate and Chopping Spree. Ask your local librarian or check the Internet for suggestions of other culinary mystery writers. We love to recommend a good book! Library folks who recommend Davidson’s books include Betty Tims, Barbara Hightower, Diane Westfall, and Lucy Farrow.
Bon Appetit and Happy Reading!