New Browsing Books

Come by the second floor and check out the new browsing titles:

Bad Moon Rising by Sherilyn Kenyon
Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning
The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson
Twenties Girl by Sophia Kinsella
Smash Cut by Sandra Brown
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey

So much good reading…so little time! Happy Reading!

Helpful Hints and Tips for Surviving your Freshman Year

Here are some helpful hints for surviving your first year of college, and second, and third, and so on! The AUM Library and it’s staff are dedicated to helping you succeed, be sure to check out all of the great resources that we have to offer.
Go to all orientations.
Do you really need to go on yet another campus tour? Yes. The faster you learn your way around campus — and around all the red tape — the more at ease you’ll feel and the better prepared you’ll be when issues arise.
Get to know your roommate and others in your residence hall.
The people you live with, most of whom are going through similar experiences and emotions, are your main safety net — not only this year, but for all your years. You may change roommates after the first semester or you may stay roommates for all four years — just take the time to get to know your fellow first-year students.
Get Organized.
In high school, the teachers tended to lead you through all the homework and due dates. In college, the professors post the assignments — often for the entire semester — and expect you to be prepared. Buy an organizer, a PDA, a big wall calendar — whatever it takes for you to know when assignments are due.
Find the ideal place for you to study.
It may be your dorm room or a cozy corner of the library, but find a place that works best for you to get your work done — while avoiding as many distractions as possible.
Go to class.
Obvious, right? Maybe, but sleeping in and skipping that 8 am class will be tempting at times. Avoid the temptation. Besides learning the material by attending classes, you’ll also receive vital information from the professors about what to expect on tests, changes in due dates, etc.
Keep track of your money.
If you’ve never had to create a budget, now is the time to do so. Find ways to stretch your money – and as best you can, avoid all those credit card solicitations you’ll soon be receiving. The average credit card debt of college grads is staggering.


We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our international students to the AUM Library! Below you’ll find many ways in which to say “welcome”, and a list of some of the countries that are represented here on campus.

Willkommen – Germany
Huan Ying – China
Laskavo prosymo – Ukraine
Yin-dee dtôn ráp – Thailand
Tervetuloa – Finland
Ahlan wa Sahlan – Saudi Arabia
Oso oseyo – Korea
G’day – Australia
Vitejte – Czech Republic
Bienvenue – France
Bienvenido – Spain
Bem-Vindo – Portugal, Brazil
Velkomin – Iceland
Dobrodosli – Slovenia
Foon ying – China
Witajcie – Poland
Welkom – The Netherlands
Irashaimasu – Japan
Velkommen – Denmark