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This web guide provides access to a variety of information sources for every stage of job hunting & career planning. Depending on which stage of the job search you are in and the type of position you are seeking, you will be able to utilize a number of information sources (both electronic and paper based) to assist you.

For further information and assistance please contact the Reference Department on the 2nd Floor of the AUM Library or by phone at 334-244-3649.


Getting Started

Locate books, through EBSCO eBook Collection and/or the AUM Library Catalog, to help you conduct career planning in general, prepare resumes and cover letters, and learn how to interview better.

Finding eBooks through EBSCO eBook Collection

eBooks are electronic versions of regular paper-based books. Because they are the full-text of the book in electronic format, they provide many benefits to the reader including full-text searching, ability to highlight a word and look in an online dictionary, ability to bookmark pages, ability to create online notes, and no overdues since check-in is automated. Before users can use these books at home or in their dorm rooms, they must create an account using a computer on the AUM campus network. Read the guide EBSCO eBook Collection @ AUM to learn more about how to use eBooks.

To access eBooks directly from EBSCO eBook Collection, go to AUM Library's home page and click on the link to EBSCO eBook Collection. If you are a first time user, you may want to click on the eBook Quickstart Guide in the middle of the page. Next, click in the keywords search box and enter terms that will help identify the types of books for which you are searching:

  • career
  • careers careers AND business career planning jobs jobs AND business job hunting employment resume resumes vitae cover letters cover letter
  • interviewing

Finding books in the AUM Library Catalog

The AUM Library Online Catalog is a computerized finding tool that is an index of what materials the library owns and where they are located.

    First conduct a simple search by subject or keyword to locate materials on your specific topic using the examples above.

    Next, click on builder search to develop more complicated searches ... ex. careers AND business as keywords.

Note the call number of the books you need and refer to the Key To Locations to locate the materials within the Library.

For more information on how to search the online catalog, refer to Basic Search Features.

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