Information for Borrowing Libraries

The AUM Library's interlibrary loan department lends the following items:

  • Books
  • Photocopies of articles in journals, anthologies, and proceedings from symposia and conferences
  • Audio-visual material is lent on a case-by-case basis

The AUM Library does NOT lend the following items:

  • Microfilm
  • Reference works
  • Materials located in Special Collections and Archives
  • Books with loose-leaf bindings
  • Periodical volumes
  • Single issues of journals
  • Materials in the Browsing Collection
  • Items on Reserve
  • Electronic Books


How much do you charge?

Books, A/V and other returnables:
No charge to NAAL, Soline (SL#N), and libraries with which we have reciprocal agreements. All other libraries are charged $5.00 per item.

No charge to NAAL and libraries with which we have reciprocal agreements. All other libraries are charged $5.00 per item.

We support OCLC IFM, but can also invoice your library if you do not participate in IFM. Invoices are sent with the item.


Do you lend internationally?

Books, A/V and other returnables:
The AUM Library lends returnables to libraries in the United States and Canada only.

Copies of articles can be sent internationally if the borrowing library has an Ariel address, participates in OCLC IFM, and agrees to a $5.00 (US) IFM charge.


How do I order materials from your library?

1. via OCLC WordCat Resource Sharing

2. By filling out an ALA form (pdf)

ALA forms can be sent to the AUM Library via fax 334-244-3720 or Ariel (ariel address:


Do you support Rush requests?

Yes. You may telephone 334-244-3447, fax 334-244-3720, or Ariel (ariel address: to notify us that you have placed a rush request, but the request must still be placed through the regular channels (OCLC or an ALA form).


What is your response time?

All ILL requests that are downloaded are searched the same day. Every attempt will be made to mail books and photocopies within one working day of receipt of request.

Books, Audio-visual, and other returnables:
For NAAL libraries, returnables are sent via UPS. For all other libraries, returnables are mailed via the United States Postal Service, library rate. Borrowing libraries may request UPS or FedEx at their own expense.

Articles are sent via Ariel (preferred), fax, or First Class US mail. Borrowing libraries may request UPS or FedEx at their own expense.

How long is your check-out period?

28 days


Do you allow renewals?

Yes. Most items can be renewed for an additional 30 days.


Charges for lost or damaged books or other returnables

Libraries that lose or damage books, A/V, or other returnables are charged the cost of the item, plus a $25.00 processing fee.


Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are sent at 30-day intervals after the due date. After two overdue notices, the item is considered lost. If the book is not returned by four weeks after the 2nd notice, or if the ILL department has received no information from the borrowing library regarding the overdue material, an invoice for the cost of the book plus a $25.00 processing fee is sent to the library.


Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions regarding interlibrary loan, please contact us.

Telephone: 334-244-3447

Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Central Time)