Full Policy for Other User Categories

  • Alabama Shakespeare Festival Students, AUM Alumni Association members, AUM Senior College/Continuing Ed participants, AUM Library Guest card holders, AUM spouses, Businesses and State Agencies, Visiting Scholars, and Friends of the AUM Library must present a valid library card in order to check out materials. The card must be presented to the Access Services staff at the time of checkout.
  • Users in these categories must be at least 18 years old and provide evidence of age and Alabama residency. Guest Cards are issued at a cost of $25 per year ($50 per year for Business and State Agencies). The card is valid for one year from date of purchase.

    Alumni are issued guest cards upon proof of current membership in the AUM Alumni Association.

    Friends of the AUM Library are issued guest cards upon proof of membership in the Friends group.

    Alabama Shakespeare Festival students must be on a list of currently enrolled students from ASF.

    Visiting Scholars must have an introductory letter from their school’s library.

    AUM spouses must provide current identification.

  • High school students may borrow materials on a library guest card purchased by a parent or guardian if the student is listed as a designated user on the guest card. Parents/guardians are responsible for return of materials borrowed and for any fines, costs, and fees.

  • Community users are responsible for materials charged to their library cards. Be sure to report a lost library card to Access Services right away, so unauthorized use can be blocked and no one else charges items on your card. You will be held accountable anything that is checked out on your card unless you report that card as lost and Access Services blocks that card.

  • Community Users may have up to 10 circulating books checked out on their account. Once this limit is reached the patron will be blocked from checking out additional materials.

  • Businesses and State Agencies may purchase a library card for $50.00 per year. They must select four individuals as designated users for the account. Cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. All four cards are assigned a single account number.

  • Loan periods

    Books - 28 days

    If materials are returned late, Community Users are responsible for overdue fines. If materials are lost, Community Users are responsible for replacement costs and processing fees.

    Overdue fines accrue as follows:

    Books - $.25 per day, per item. Maximum of $25.00 per item.
    4-day grace period.

    Recalled - $.50 per day, per item for recalled items.
    Maximum $25.00 per item. 7-day grace period after item is recalled.

  • After the maximum fine per item has been reached, the Community User will be billed for the replacement cost of the item plus a $25.00 processing fee.
  • Community Users with five or more overdue items or fines totaling $5.00 or more will be blocked from checking out additional items until the items are returned and the fines are paid.
  • Overdue notices will be sent two to four weekdays after material is due. No overdue fines will be assessed if items are returned within four days after the due date. However, on the fifth day, the borrower must pay the accumulated fines for all five days. Community Users are responsible for returning materials on time. Notices will be sent to the Community User’s last known address. Failure to receive a notice does not relieve the borrower of responsibility for overdue fines.
  • Community Users can renew items either online, through the Library’s web page, by phone, or at the Access Services desk. Items can only be renewed on or before the due date. Overdue items will have to be returned to the Access Services desk and any fines paid before the item can be renewed. After an item has been renewed once, the item must be returned to the Access Services desk before it can be checked out again. Items that have holds placed for another patron cannot be renewed.
  • When the Library is unable to collect fines or fees through mailed notices, delinquent accounts will be referred to a collection agency.
  • Items in circulation for at least seven days may be recalled; the user has seven days in which to return the item before fines begin to accrue.
  • Community Users who mutilate, vandalize, or steal materials will be responsible for all replacement fees and will be subject to action by the City Police Department.
  • Questions about overdue fines or other charges should be discussed with a member of the Access Services staff or the Access Services Supervisor.

AUM Library is accessible to all persons. Patrons with a disability which might necessitate special services or assistance in their use of the Library should inform a member of the Library staff and/or contact the Center for Special Services at 334-244-3468.