Community Users & Alumni Privileges

What library privileges do members of the AUM Alumni Association have?

Alumni Association members may use the library's computer lab when there are no classes in that lab. Users must show a valid AUM Alumni Association membership card and present a picture ID

What library privileges do Continuing Education students have?

Con Ed students may access electronic databases from outside the library. Exceptions are those databases whose licensing agreements forbid off campus access.

I am not a student at AUM. May I use the computer lab?

No, the lab is for current AUM students and Alumni Association members only. You may have access to two computers in the Reference area on the 2nd floor, but they are not capable of word processing. These computers are only to be used for research purposes. Members of the public are encouraged to access databases provided by the Alabama Virtual Library at these computers.

Further Questions

For information or assistance consult our reference department at 334-244-3649 OR our Access Services department at 334-244-3647 or e-mail Ask a Librarian.