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The AUM Library classroom/computer lab is located on the 2nd Floor and has a dual function:

  • It is designed as a library classroom equipped for hands-on access to current technology, and moreover, it is specifically adapted to library user instruction for AUM students.
  • It is also designed as a computer lab intended to furnish personal computers for research use by AUM students.

Anyone wishing to access the facilities must sign-in with the lab assistant and present a current AUM ID.


Lab Hours

The lab provides a trained staff of student assistants and is open the same hours as the library.

The classroom/lab will be available for use by AUM faculty, staff, students, and current members of the AUM Alumni Association when not scheduled for instruction sessions or library administrative meetings.

Please refer to the current lab schedule for available times.


Computer Resources

The lab provides 30 networked Gateway PC computers with floppy and CD-ROM drives running Windows 7. A computer with ZoomText 8.0 is available for customers with visual impairments. There is also a computer with a scanner located across from the computer lab. Additionally, there is a Mac desktop computer located in the Reference area.


Software Resources:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Reader
  • Microsoft Office (including Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)



User name: AUM user name (i.e., your AUM email log-in name excluding the "" portion)
Password: Your email log-in password

Note: Please check with the lab assistant if you have problems logging-in

Downloading Options

  • Printing

Prints to a xerox/printer outside the lab doors at .10/per page

  • Saving to Disk

Saves to floppy disk drive
CDs are available for $2.00 at the reference desk on 2nd floor

Do not save to the computer's hard drive as information will be lost when the computer reboots every 20 minutes.



All group use of the lab must be scheduled through the library's instruction coordinator according to current policy.

Barbara Hightower

For more information regarding how to make reservations for the library's classroom/computer lab:  Classroom/Computer Lab Policy

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