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Where can I go to type a paper or to print a paper I wrote at home?

Students may use the library classroom/lab to type papers or print papers they wrote at home from a flash drive or disc. The workstations have Microsoft Office programs installed on them and include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

I am not a student at AUM. May I use the computer lab on the 2nd floor?

The lab is for current AUM students and Alumni Association members only. You may have access to two computers in the Reference area on the 2nd floor.These computers are only to be used for research purposes and are subject to a 30 minute time limit if others are waiting. Members of the public are encouraged to access databases provided by the Alabama Virtual Library at these computers.

Does it cost to print from the lab or reference computers?

Currently enrolled students may print in black & white at no charge, provided they have not exceeded the $50.00 placed on their student accounts at the beginning of each semester to be used for printing. If your student account has no available funds, printing in black & white costs $0.10/page. Color printing is available in the Library for $0.25/page, whether you are an AUM student or not.

How does the library use technology fees?

The library uses money it receives from technology fees to purchase subscriptions to online full-text databases.

Logging in to Computers in the Library

  • Use your AUM email account as your Username. Do not include

  • Your password to log in to the computers is the same as you would use when logging into other campus websites (Blackboard, AUM EMail, etc.)

Further Questions

If you are not connected while in the Library, see the Lab Assistant or go to the Reference desk on the second floor and report the problem.

For information or assistance consult our reference department at 334-244-3649 or e-mail Ask a Librarian.

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