FAQs - Reserves

Why should I complete the Reserve form?

  • The Reserves Department needs specific information to place an item on reserve. An incomplete form will delay the process of placing the item on reserve, and it will require a phone call or e-mail from the Reserves Department to obtain the missing data. Additionally, if copyright permission is necessary all information is needed to make the request.

Do I use the same form for both Traditional Reserves and E-Reserves?

  • Yes, use the same form, but indicate if you want the materials on E-Reserves or Traditional Reserves.

When the library or the faculty member requests copyright permission, do you have to specify whether the work will be used for Traditional Reserve or E-Reserve?

  • Yes, it is very important to specify because some publishers charge higher prices for E-Reserves.

Should the library own a copy of a work that it reproduced and placed on Reserve?

  • Yes, but a faculty member may own their personal copy and the personal copy may be placed on Reserve.  The greatest proportion of photocopied reserve material should be made from the library’s own collection.

May I place a book on Traditional Reserve and also have a section of the book on E-Reserve?

  • Yes, placing the actual book on reserve is not reproduction; no royalties need to be paid nor permission sought.  E-Reserve is a reproduction; therefore, the library must seek permission.

I want my online students to view an entire DVD.  What is the best way?

  • The library may place the DVD on Traditional Reserve, the student may rent the DVD from Netflix or Blockbuster, etc., or if the library or academic department has obtained the digital rights for streaming video, the DVD can be placed on E-Reserve which is password protected.

May I duplicate a video or DVD to place on Reserve?

  • No, for the same reason you would not copy an entire book and ask to place the copy of the book on reserve. Duplicating a DVD is considered copyright infringement unless the rights holder grants permission to copy the DVD.

Can consumable materials be placed on reserve?

  • No, because they are perishable or unpreserved works (not maintained in their existing condition)—for example, workbooks and standardized tests.

Can I put articles from a database on reserve?

  • Yes. Just request the article via the library’s reserve system and we will provide the link for you.