The Reference desk resides on the second floor of the Library Tower. Reference houses the Library's non-circulating research collection. The reference staff assists patrons in locating books or articles, searching the various database, and conducting basic research. Please note that some individuals listed under Reference are attached to other departments or units of the Library outside of Public Services.

Reference Desk Staff

Name Office Location Email Phone
Tim Bailey 246 Library Tower

Email Tim Bailey

(334) 244-3420
Rickey Best 219-B Library Administration

Email Rickey Best

(334) 244-3276
Lanita Crawford 3rd Floor, Library Administration Building

Email Lanita Crawford

(334) 244-3650
Maranda Faulk 247 Library Tower

Email Maranda Faulk

(334) 244-3648
John Gantt 804 Library Tower

Email John Gantt

(334) 244-3781
Anita Griffith 804 Library Tower

Email Anita Griffith

(334) 244-3207
Jessica Hayes 213 Library Administration

Email Jessica Hayes

(334) 244-3814
Phill Johnson 211A Library Administration

Email Phill Johnson

(334) 244-3200
Samantha McNeilly 802 Library Tower

Email Samantha McNeilly

(334) 244-3213
Beth Parrish 3rd Floor, Library Administration Building

Email Beth Parrish

(334) 244-3650
Amanda Scott 804 Library Tower

Email Amanda Scott

(334) 244-3684
Karen Williams 1st Floor, Library Tower

Email Karen Williams

(334) 244-3445