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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The library seeks to provide materials to support programs through the Ed.S. level in foundations of education, secondary, and counselor education.

B. Curriculum Program Description

The department of Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education is one of three departments in the School of Education. Educational Foundations provides studies in the historical, philosophical, social, and psychological forces that influence educational practice. Undergraduate programs in Secondary Education are designed to prepare junior and high school teachers (grades 7-12) with general education studies, professional studies, and an academic major in one of more of the major instructional areas of the secondary school curriculum (see I.D.5 "Areas of Specialization".) Courses in Counselor Education are designed to survey the major theoretical and practical approaches to counseling. Graduate courses are further designed to provide study of research procedures and evaluation of counseling and guidance programs.

C. New and Expanding areas of Interest

1. Multicultural education
2. Computers in education

D. Areas of Specialization

1. Historical and philosophical foundations of education
2. Education research
3. Teacher evaluation
4. Teacher education
5. Secondary school curriculum

a. biology                               f. mathematics
b. chemistry                           g. political science
c. English                               h. psychology
d. history                               i. social studies
e. language arts                      j. sociology

6.   Educational Counseling
7.   Computers in education

E. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

American Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Drama, English literature, Geography & Anthropology, History, Law, Mathematics, Information Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology


II. General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: Collected exclusively: English language materials and needed translations of foreign language works. All other languages are excluded.   Western European languages translated into English are collected selectively.

B. Chronological Periods: Emphasis is on education in the twentieth century forward. Books on education in the nineteenth century are collected selectively and all other periods are collected very selectively.

C. Geographical Coverage: Primary emphasis: United States, England, Canada.   Secondary emphasis: Europe, Asia, Latin America. Collected very selectively:   Rest of the world.

D. Types of Materials: Primary emphasis: general books, books with multi-media and software, multi-author texts, and publications of professional organizations. Reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, thesauri, atlases and indexes are collected more selectively. Excluded are undergraduate and graduate textbooks, test-taking materials, laboratory manuals, and dissertations.

E. Imprint Date: Emphasis is on current materials, i.e., published during the last decade. Retrospective purchasing prior to this will be very selective.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound books selected extensively. Paperbound books, pamphlets, serials, and periodicals are collected selectively. Microforms and audiovisuals are collected selectively in consultation with the liaison for Education.

G. Treatment of Subject: History of educational development will be collected on a broad basis; biographies of educational leaders will be collected selectively. Methods and practice of teaching will be collected extensively. Political, legal, medical, and psychological aspects of education are also useful. Research methodology in all aspects, including the use of computer techniques, is a strong collection interest. Business, economic, and social aspects, as well as popular treatments are acquired selectively.

H. Place of Publication: Materials published in the United States and Canada are collected almost exclusively. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Foundations, Secondary and Counselor Education:

1.) Standing Orders:

Advisory List of International Educational Travel & Exchange Programs
Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Annual Report
Alabama Department of Education. Educational Directory
Alabama Department of Education. Annual Report
Annual Guide to the Highest-rated Education Software
Current Index to Journals in Education
College Admissions Data Handbook. Southeast Region
College Blue Book
College Handbook
Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
Deskbook Encyclopedia of American School Law
Directory of Graduate Programs
Education Index
Educational Media and Technology Yearbook
Educational Software Locator
Encyclopedia of Careers & Vocational Guidance
ERIC on web
Gourman Report. Rating of Graduate Programs in American & International Universities
Gourman Report. Rating of Undergraduate Programs in American & International Universities
Grants Register
Handbook of Private Education
Higher Education Revenues & Expenditures
Higher Education in Alabama Directory
International Handbook of Universities & Other Institutions of Higher
Inventory of Academic Programs (ACHE)
National Dean's List
Patterson's Schools Classified
Peterson's Guides
Right College, The
Southern Regional Education Board Fact Book on Higher Education
Statistical Abstract, Higher Education in Alabama Study Abroad
Teacher Certification Requirements in All Fifty States
Test Critiques
Videodisc Compendium for Education & Training
World of Learning
Yearbook of American Universities and Colleges

2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Books and forms; Baker & Taylor: forms.

J. Major Assessment/Selection Tools: Brewer, Deborah J. ARBA Guide to Education; Books for College Libraries; Buttlar, Lois J. Education: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources; CIJE; Education Index; Sheehy, Eugene P.   Guide to Reference books; Woodbury, Marda. A Guide To Sources of Educational Information;

K. Weeding/Replacement: Currency is not a major criterion for assessment, thus weeding/replacement is kept to a minimum. Materials for weeding/replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on weeding/replacement.

L. Classifications That Define Scope of Collection:

L Education, general
LA History of education
LB 1-1042 Theory and practice of education
LB 1603-3640 Secondary education
LC 65-1021 Educational sociology
LC 5201-6691 Adult education

M.   Recommended Collection Level: 3bE

Library Liaison: FARROW                      Subject: SPECIAL EDUCATION



LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
L EDUCATION, General    
L 900-901 Directories 2a 3a
LA 11 General Works, by Period 2b 3b
LA 31-81 Ancient 2a 3a
LA 75-81 Classical 2a 3a
LA 95-99 Middle Ages 2a 3a
LA 106-108 Renaissance and reformation 2a 3a
LA 116-118 16th & 17th centuries 2a 3a
LA 121-124 18th & early 19th centuries 2a 3a
LA 126-133 Modern 19th & 20th centuries 2b 3b
LA 132-133 1945- 2b 3b
LA 173-186 History of Higher Education 2b 3b
LA 186 Student Movements 1a 1b
LA 210 Descr., Org., Policy 2a 3a
LA 212-217 Public School Ed. 2b 3b
LA 219-222 Elementary and secondary Education 2b 3b
LA 227.1-.2 1800-1965 2a 3b
LA 227.3 1965- 2b 3b
LA 228 Higher Ed. Addr., Essays by Country or region: Comparative ed. 2a 3b
LA 201-396 United States 2b 3b
LA 417-418 Canada 1a 1b
LA 420-609 Latin America 1a 1b
LA 620-1040 Europe 1a 1b
LA 630 Britain, Ireland 1a 1b
LA 670-1040 Other European countries 1a 1b
LA 1045-1491 Asia, Islamic Countries 1a 1b
LA 1500-2090 Africa 1a 1b
LA 2100-2189 Australia 1a 1b
LA 2301-2397 Biography 2a 3b
LB 5-7 Collections 2a 3a
LB 14-41 General Works 2b 3b
LB 45 Educational Anthropology. 2a 3b
LB 51-885 Ancient-16th century 1b 2a
LB 427-575 16th, 17th, 18th century 2a 3a
LB 621-875 Systems of individ. Educators & writers 2b 3b
LB 880 Foreign educators--pedagogical theory 2b 3b
LB 885 American educators--pedagogical theory 3a 3b
LB 1025-1050 Teaching (pedagogy) 2b 3b
LB 1027 Stud. guidance. & counseling 2b 3a
LB 1028 Educational research 3a 3b
LB 1029 Alternative schools 2a 2b
LB 1031-1032 Individ. instruc. group work 2b 3b
LB 1033 Teacher-stud. relat. 2b 3b
LB 1042 Stories, storytell. 1a 2b
LB 1043 Audiovisual educ 2b 3b
LB 1050 Reading 3a 3b
LB 1051-1091 Educational psych. 3a 3b
LB 1101-1139 Child study 3a 3b
LB 1131 Measurement, Test. 3a 3b
LB 1140 Preschool education 3a 3b
LB 1141-1499 Kindergarten 3a 3b
LB 1501-1547 Primary education 3a 3b
LB 1555-1601 Elementary education 3a 3b
LB 1570-1571 Elementary curriculum 3a 3b
LB 1572-1574 Reading, spell. 3a 3b
LB 1575-1576 Literature, Language arts 3a 3b
LB 1584 Social science. 3a 3b
LB 1585 Science 2a 3b
LB 1603-1695 Secondary. education 2b 3b
LB 1705-2278 Teacher education. training 2b 3b
LB 2327-2329 Comm. Col. Jr. Col. 1a 1b
LB 2300-2411 Higher ed., coll. & univ. curr. 3a 3b
LB 2341-2342 Admin., finance 1b 3b
LB 2361-2365 Curriculum 1b 3b
LB 2523-2525 School Law 2b 3b
LB 2801-3095 School adm. org. 3a 3b
LB 2824-2830 School finance 2b 3b
LB 2831 School boards 3a 3b
LB 2831.9 Principals 2a 3b
LB 2832-2844 Teaching personnel 1a 2a
LB 3011-3095 Classroom Mgt., discipline 2b 3b
LB 3045-3048 Textbooks 1a 1b
LB 3051-3060 Ed. tests & measur. 2a 3b
LB 3201-3325 School architecture 1a 1b
LB 3602-3640 School life 2b 3a
LC Special Aspects of Ed.    
LC 65-67 Economic aspects 2a 3a
LC 71-120 Educ. and state 2b 3a
LC 129-148 Attendance 1a 1b
LC 149-160 Literacy, illit 1a 3a
LC 165-182 Higher ed. & stat. 1b 3a
LC 189-214 Educ. sociology 2a 3b
LC 202-208 Educ. & soc. backgrd. 3b 3b
LC 212-214 Discrim. & educ. 2b 3b
LC 215-238 Community & school 3b 3b
LC 251-291 Moral ed., character building 2a 2a
LC 1011-1021 Liberal educ. 3a 3b
LC 1099 Intercultural educ. 2a 3b
LC 1401-2571 Women 2a 3a
LC 2601-2611 Educ. in dev. coun. 1a 1a
LC 2667-2698 Hispanic Americans 2a 2b
LC 2701-2913 Afro-Americans 2b 3a
LC 3001-3501 Asian Am., other Asian people 2a 3a
LC 3701-3743 Linguistic min., bilingual educ. 2b 3b
LC 4001-4803 Handicapped chil 2b 3b
LC 4601-4821 Mentally handicapperd chil 2b 3b
LC 3950-3990 Exceptional chil. 1b 3b
LC 3991-4000 Gifted children 1b 3b
LC 5001-5060 Working class educ 1a 1b
LC 5101-5143 Urban educ 2b 3a
LC 5201-6691 Adult educ. 2a 3b

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