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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The Library seeks to provide materials to support studies at the Baccalaureate and Master's levels in Political Science. In Public Administration, the collection's primary purpose and emphasis is to support studies at the Master and Ph.D. levels. Secondary support is directed to faculty teaching and research and research assistance for library patrons.   The interdisciplinary nature of this area requires that students and faculty consult related collections in the library.

B. Curricular Program Description

Courses examine the institutions, political processes, problems, and issues within local, state, and American government, as well as the major political systems such as Great Britain, France, and Russia (i.e., the former Soviet Union.). Other Political Science Master's degree level courses explore educational politics, foreign policy, domestic policy, southern politics, political theory and behavior, voting behavior, and constitutional law. The Master of Public Administration program focuses upon the areas of public administration, government organization and administration, public budgeting, personnel administration, applied research methods in administration, policy formulation and quantitative decision making. The       elective curriculum in the M.P.A. program has several areas of concentration: personnel administration, health care administration, state and local administration, and nonprofit management.     

The Ph.D. in Public Administration is offered jointly by the AUM Department of Political Science and Public Administration and the Auburn University Department of Political Science. The degree is research oriented and offers core seminars or specialty tracks in public policy analysis and research; public financial management; political economy; the public policy process; public administration, administrative responsibility and democracy; human resource management; organization theory and management; national and international security; and health administration.

C. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

Business Administration, Justice and Public Safety, Education, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology


II. General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: English is the principal language of the collection. Foreign language materials are excluded. Works written in languages other than English are purchased selectively and usually in English translation.

B. Chronological Coverage: Emphasis is on the 20th-century forward, but no period is excluded form consideration for the collection.

C. Geographical Coverage: Primary emphasis is on government, politics, and society in the United States. Secondary emphasis is on other major comparative political systems such as Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Area studies focus on the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Latin America.

D. Types of Material: Included are encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, dictionaries, statistical publications, analytical research reports, abstracts, indices, bibliographies, biographies, monographs and journals. Dissertations and theses are purchased selectively. All depository items issued by the Superintendent of Documents are acquired.

E. Imprint Date: Current in-print publications receive priority; however, selected retrospective publications are purchased in available formats as budget permits. Standard political science and public administration reference works are updated regularly.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound books are selected extensively.   Paperbound books, pamphlets, serials, periodicals and books with media are collected selectively. Microforms and audiovisuals are collected selectively in consultation with the Political Science liaison

G. Treatment of Subject: Publications encompassing political theory, constitutional history and administration, law, government organization, federal and state relations, political philosophy, political psychology, political rights, political parties, local and state government, public finance, diplomacy, international relations, international law, forms of state, environmental policy, and urban studies are collected.  

H. Place of Publication: Emphasis is given to materials published in the United States, Canada and the U.K.. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Political Science & Public Administration Collection:

1.) Standing Orders:  

Alabama Municipal Officials
Almanac of American Politics
Almanac of the 50 States
America Votes
AREA's Alabama Directory and State Government
Book of the States
Brookings Institution
Canadian Almanac and Directory
Congress and Defense
Congress and the Nation
Congressional Quarterly Paperback Books
Congressional Roll Call
Congressional Staff Directory
Countries of the World
County and State Officials Directory
Directory of Political Periodicals
Everyone's United Nations
Fact Book (Alabama commission on Higher Education)
Federal Regulatory Directory (CQ)
Federal Staff Directory
Federal Yellow Book
Guide to Congress
Guide to Southern Politics
Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court
Information Please Almanac, Atlas And Yearbook
Inside Alabama politics
International Almanac of Electoral History
Judicial Staff Directory
Political Handbook of the World
Politics in America
Municipal Yearbook
Republic of China
State Legislative Sourcebook
Statesmans Yearbook
Supreme Court Yearbook
United Nations Yearbook
United States Government Manual
Universal Almanac
Washington Information Directory
Washington Representatives
Who's Who in American Politics
Who's Who in Congress
World Almanac and Book of Facts
World Armaments & Disarmament
World Development Report

2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Books and forms; Baker & Taylor: Forms.

J. Major Assessment/Selection Tools: American Reference Books Annual; Books for College Libraries; Bowman, James S. American Public Administration; Brock, Clifton. The Literature of Political Science; Choice; Gowhlert, Robert. Policy Analysis and Management: ABibliography; Holler, Fredrick L. Information Sources of Political Science; Katz, Bill. Magazines for Libraries; McCurdy, Howard. Public Administration: A Bibliographic Guide to the Literature; P.A.I.S.; Robey, John S. Public Policy Analysis: An Annotated Bibliography; Sheehy, E. P. Guide to Reference Books.

K. Weeding/Replacement: Currency is not a primary criterion for assessment, thus weeding/replacement is kept to an absolute minimum.   Materials for weeding or replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on Weeding/Replacement.

L. Classifications That Define the Scope of the Collection:

J's - Political Science & Public Administration

M. Recommended Collection Level:

Political Science - 3bE
Public Administration - 4E

Library Liaison: Best                 Subject: PSYCHOLOGY



Collection Level

LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
JA Collections. General Works 3b 3b
JA 74 Political Psychology 3b 3b
JA 75-80 Political Sociology 2b 3b
JA 81-84 History of Political Thought 2b 3b
JC 20-252 Political Theory. The State 2b 3b
JC 311-323 Nationalism 2a 3b
JC 325-347 Nature, Entity, Concept of State. Symbols 3a 3b
JC 348-497 Forms of State 3a 3b
JC 501-628 Purpose of the State 2b 3b
JF Constitutional History and Administration: General. Comparative 3a 3b
JF 195-723 Organs and Functions of Government 3a 3b
JF 800-1191 Political Rights. Suffrage. Representation 3a 3b
JF 1321-2112 Government. Administration 3b 4
JF 2011-2112 Political Parties. Practical Politics 3a 3b
JK United States 3b 4
JK 11-371 Constitutional History 3a 3b
JK 310-339 Federal-State Relations 3a 3b
JK 401-1686 Government. Administration 3a 4
JK 511-1599 Branches of Government 3a 3b
JK 1711-2246 Politics. Civil Rights 3a 3b
JK 1951-2246 Electoral System 3b 4
JK 2251-2391 Political Parties 3a 3b
JK 2403-9600 State Government 3a 3b
JL 1-500 Canada 2a 3a
JL 950-2899 Latin America 2b 3a
JN Europe 2b 3a
JN 1-97 General 2b 3a
JN 101-1371 Britain 2b 3a
JN 1401-1572 Ireland. Northern Ireland 2a 2b
JN 1601-2229 Austria. Czechoslovakia 1b 2b
JN 2301-3007 France 1b 2b
JN 3201-4979 Germany 2a 2b
JN 5001-5185 Greece 2a 2b
JN 5201-5660 Italy 1a 2b
JN 6101-6371 Belgium 2a 2b
JN 6500-6625 Soviet Union 2a 3b
JN 6700-6719 Finland 1a 1b
JN 6750-6769 Poland 1a 1b
JN 7001-7995 Scandinavia 2b 2b
JN 8101-8651 Spain. Portugal 2b 2b
JN 9600-9679 Bulgaria. Romania. Yugoslavia 1a 2b
JQ 1-1825 Asia 1b 2b
JQ 1870-3981 Africa 1b 2b
JQ 4001-6651 Australia. New Zealand. Oceania 1a 2b
JS 300-1565 United States 3b 4
JS 3001-6959 Europe 1b 3a
JS 7001-7819 Asia 1b 2b
JX 1305-1598 International Relations. Diplomatic History 2b 3b
JX 1621-1894 Diplomacy. The Diplomatic Service 2a 3b
JX 1901-1995 International Arbitration. World Peace. International Organization 2b 3b
JX 2001-4494 International Law 2b 3b
JX 6731.W3 War Crimes 2b 3b

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