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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

It is the goal of the Library to provide materials on the undergraduate and graduate levels in Physical Education, including human performance, sports medicine, and health.

B. Curriculum Program Descriptions

The Physical Education is housed in the department of Foundations, Secondary and Physical Education in the School of Education. Undergraduate professional theory courses emphasize the theory, methods, and effective instruction of physical training and health-related skills. Evaluation techniques for measuring knowledge and skills in these activities are also stressed. These courses are designed to encourage the student to develop a philosophy and understanding of the place of athletics and its contributions to the profession of physical education. Courses in the theory and techniques of coaching include conditioning, sports medicine, evaluation of performance, audiovisual and computer use, public relations, care and prevention of athletic injuries, and sports psychology. In addition to coaching, the department emphasizes the scientific basis of human performance as it relates to improving human performance and health. Courses are offered in research and computer usage. Other areas of emphases include gymnastics and dance, physiology of exercise, kinesiology, health education, measurement and evaluation, and recreational sports.   Master's degree certification programs offer concentration in the areas of adult and general physical education. Courses include teaching methods, tests and measurements, organization and administration, exercise physiology, and kinesiology.

C. New and Expanding Areas of Interest

1. Sports medicine
2. Adult fitness
3. Exercise physiology

D. Areas of Specialization

1. Adult fitness
2. Adapted physical education
3. Elementary physical education
4. General physical education

E. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

Biology, Nursing, Physiology, Anatomy, Health, Medical Technology


II. General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: English language materials are collected extensively. English language translations of foreign works are collected selectively.

B. Chronological Periods: Emphasis is on education in the twentieth century forward. All other periods are treated selectively.

C. Geographical Focus: Primary emphasis: United States, England, Canada. Secondary emphasis: Europe, Asia, Latin America. Collected very selectively: All other countries.

D. Types of Materials: Primary emphasis: General books, multi-author texts, and publications of professional organizations. Reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, thesauri, bibliographies and undergraduate and graduate textbooks, test-taking materials, laboratory manuals, and dissertations.

E. Imprint Date: Emphasis is on current materials, i.e., published during the last decade. Retrospective purchasing prior to this will be selective.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound and paperbound books are selected extensively. Pamphlets, serials, periodicals, and books containing software or multi-media discs are collected selectively. Microforms and audiovisuals are collected selectively in consultation with the Education liaison.

G. Treatment of Subject: Methods and practice of teaching will be collected extensively. Political, legal, medical, and psychological aspects of education are also useful. Research methodology in all aspects, including the use of computer techniques, is a strong collection interest. Business, economic, and social aspects, as well as popular treatments are acquired selectively. Excluded are the religious aspects of education.

H. Place of Publication: Materials published in the United States and Canada are collected almost extensively. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Physical Education:

1.) Standing Orders: Physical Education Index
2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Books and forms; Baker & Taylor: Forms.

J. Major Assessment/Selection Tools: Brewer, Deborah J. ARBA Guide to Education; Books for College Libraries; Buttlar, Lois J. Education: A Guide to Reference and  Information Sources; CIJE; Education Index; Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books; Woodbury, Marda. A Guide to Sources of Educational Information; Gratch, Bonnie. Sports and Physical Education: A Guide to Reference Sources; Zeigler, E.F. Research in the History, Philosophy, and International Aspects of Physical Education and Sport.

K. Weeding/Replacement: Efforts are made to ensure current theories and trends regarding physical education are present, and to ensure that recommended treatment and training techniques are included within the collection. Outdated and invalidated approaches to training and treatment are weeded, excepting those items which reflect seminal thinking or have historical value.

L. Classifications That Define Scope of Collection:

GV - Recreation
QP 141 - Nutrition
QP 301 - Physiology of exercise
QP 303 - Mechanics. Kinesiology
RC 1200 - Physical fitness/Sports medicine

M. Recommended Collection Level: 3bE

Library Liaison: Farrow                      Subject: Physical Education



Collection Level

LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
GV 207-331 Reference, biog. history, general 2a 3b
GV 342 Admin., philosophy 2a 3a
GV 344 Safety measures 2b 3a
GV 346-347 Intercoll. athl 1a 1b
GV 361 Curriculum 2b 3b
GV 363-381 Teacher training, materials 2a 3b
GV 401-424 Facilities 2a 2a
GV 435-436 Testing 3a 3b
GV 439-447 P.E. for special groups: women, chil., hcapped, aged, etc 2b 2b
GV 452 Movement educ 2b 3a
GV 460-474 Gymnastics, gen. 2a 2b
GV 475-505 Exercises, judo, jogging, etc 2a 2b
GV 511-546 Weight lifting 2a 2b
GV 551-555 Gymnastics (vault, bars, rings, tumbling, etc.) 1a 1b
GV 567 Reference works 3a 3b
GV 571-585 History of sports 2a 3b
GV 600-691 Sports in foreign countries 1a 1a
GV 697-705 Sports biography 1a 1a
GV 706 Sports, phil. 2b 3b
GV 710 Sports, intramural 1a 2a
GV 711 Coaching 2b 3b
GV 713-719 Sports, org. & adm 2a 3b
GV 721-722 Olympic games 2a 2a
GV 731 Sports, rules 2a 3a
GV 733-734 Sports, professionalism 1a 1a
GV 735 Sports, officiating 1a 1b
GV 741 Sports, records 1a 1a
GV 743-747 Sports, uniforms equipment 1a 1a
GV 750-770 Aeronautical sports 1a 1a
GV 771-836 Boats and boating 1a 1a
GV 837-840 Aquatic sports 1a 1b
GV 841-857 Winter sports 1a 1b
GV 859.8 Skateboarding 1a 1a
GV 861 Ball games, general 1a 2a
GV 862-881 Baseball, softball 2a 2a
GV 884-889 Basketball 1b 2a
GV 891-893 Pool 1a 1b
GV 902-909 Bowling games 2a 2a
GV 915-931 Cricket, croquet 1b 1b
GV 937-939 Football, general 1a 1a
GV 942-944.85 Rugby 1a 1a
GV 951-959 U.S. football 2a 2a
GV 961-987 Golf 2a 2a
GV 989 Lacrosse 1a 1a
GV 990-1007 Tennis & other racket games 2b 2b
GV 1011-1017 Ball games (handball, field hockey, raquetball, paddleball, volleyball,etc.) 2a 2a
GV 1018-1034 Automobile racing 1a 1a
GV 1041-1060 Cycling 1a 1a
GV 1060-1093 Track & field 1a 2a
GV 1095-1100 Games. misc. 1a 1a
GV 1101-1114 Self defense, martial arts 1a 2a
GV 1115-1140 Boxing 1a 1a
GV 1141-1150 Fencing 1a 1a
GV 1151-1181 Shooting 1a 1a
GV 1185-1189 Archery 1a 2a
GV 1195-1198 Wrestling 1a 2a
GV 1200-1570 Games (party, board, card, chess, etc.) 2a 2a
QP 141 Nutrition 2a 2b
QP 301 Physiol. of exercise 2a 2b
QP 303 Mechanics. Kinesiology 2a 2b
RC 1200 Physical Fitness/ Sports Medicine 2a 3a
    Note: Exercise, physiology of sports
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