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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The library seeks to provide materials to support programs through the B.S.B.A. level in Marketing. The library also seeks to support MBA level coursework in Marketing.

B. Curricular Program Description

Marketing managers direct marketing strategy, sales, advertising, sales promotions and public relations activities. They determine the demand for a firm's products and services and develop a pricing strategy to get the best share of that market. Marketing works "outside" the firm to connect the firm with the customer. Marketers study the customer's needs, how and why they purchase, as well as how much they purchase. Students learn marketing research techniques and forecasting tools.

C. Expanding Areas of Interest

1. Logistics
2. Marketing not for Profit Organizations

D. Areas of Specialization

1. New business development
2. Transportation
3. Warehousing
4. Inventory control
5. Purchasing
6. Location of business
7. Plants and Distribution Centers
8. Consumer behavior
9. Entrepreneurship

E. Overlap with other academic disciplines and library collections

Economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, communication.


II. General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: English is the primary language of the collection. Foreign language materials are excluded. Key works originally purchased in a foreign language will be purchased only in English translation.

B. Chronological Coverage: Emphasis is on marketing in the late twentieth century. All other periods are treated selectively.

C. Geographical Coverage: Primary emphasis: United States, U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Secondary interest: all other countries.

D. Types of Materials: Indexes, abstracts and encyclopedias and handbooks will provide basic reference information; Government publications that provide census and business data; Dictionaries and directories in the field are also of great interest. Collected selectively are symposium proceedings and dissertations. Not purchased are textbooks although some are accepted as gifts.

E. Imprint Date: Emphasis is on current materials, i.e., those published during the last decade. Retrospective purchasing prior to this bill be very selective.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound and paperbound books are selected extensively. Pamphlets, serials, software, books with media and periodicals are collected selectively. Microforms and audiovisuals are also collected selectively in consultation with the Business liaison.

G. Treatment of Subject: The Library is attempting to build a Level 3b collection, for Marketing, i.e. "Introductory study or instructional support level." Monographs that address the theoretical and practical aspects of their subject will be collected extensively. Research level monographs in these areas are a collection interest but their acquisition will be secondary to the purchase of undergraduate level materials

H. Place of Publication: Emphasis is given to materials published in the United States, Canada and the U.K.. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Marketing:

1.) Standing Orders:

Adweek's Marketer's Guide to Media
Almanac of Consumer Markets
Business Rankings Annual
Direct Marketing Marketplace
Directory of Foreign Manufactures in the United States
Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios
International Directory of Corporate Affiliations
Marketing Information
Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide
Thomas' Register of American Manufacturers & Thomas
Register Catalog File
Trade Names Dictionary
Trade Names Dictionary. Company Index
Tradeshow Week Data Book
U.S. Industrial Directory

2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Forms.

J. Major Selection Tools and Information Sources:

Choice. Middleton, CT: Choice, 1964-.Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources. Detroit: Gale, 1986. Harvard Business Review. Boston: Harvard University, 1922-. New Books in Business and Economics: Recent Additions to Baker Library. Boston: Harvard University (10/year). Wall Street Journal. New York: Dow Jones, 1889-. American Reference Books Annual. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 1970-. Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books. 10th ed.Chicago: American Library Association, 1986. American Marketing Association, 250 S. Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606. Direct Marketing Association, 11 W. 42nd St., New York, NY 10036-8096. Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. Dun's Marketing Services, 3 Century Dr., Parsippany, NJ 07054. National Retail Merchants Association. 100 W. 31st., New York, 10001. Irwin Publishing, 1818 Ridge Rd., Homewood IL 60430

K. Weeding/Replacement: Currency is of primary importance in the field of Marketing. Every effort is made to insure that the collection is up-to-date and germane to the degree programs offered. Thus erroneous and dated materials are prime candidates for weeding/replacement, unless they retain some seminal or historical value. Materials for weeding or replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on Weeding/Replacement.

Library Liaison: Bailey    Subject: Business



Collection Level

LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
HB 71-74 General Methodology 3a 3b
HB 74.M3 Econometrics 3a 3b
HB 75-129 History of Economic Theory 2b 3b
HB 131-145 Mathematical economics 1b 2b
HB 151-159 Before Adam Smith 3a 3b
HB 161-169 Classical Period 3a 3b
HB 171-180 1876- 3a 3b
HB 171-172 Engl. and Amer. Economists 3a 3b
HB 172.5 Macroeconomics 3a 3b
HB 173-179 European Economists 3a 3b
HB 201-846 Value, Prices, Labor, Wages, Rent, Land, Capital, Capitalism, Interest, Profit, Poverty, Property, Competition, Income Distrib., Wealth, Consumption, Welfare 3a 3b
HB 849-3700 DEMOGRAPHY 2b 3b
HC 31-39 ANCIENT 3a 3b
HC 41-45 MEDIEVAL 2b 3a
HC 51-59 MODERN 2b 3a
HC 59.7-60 Underdev. areas. Assis. 3a 3b
HC 79.C63 Consumer Policy 2b 3a
HC 79.E5 Environmental Policy 2b 3a
HC 79.I5 Income b 3b
HC 79.P55 Pollution 1b 3b
HC 79.P6 Entrepreneurship, Risk, 1b 3b
HC 79.T4 Technological Innovations 2a 3b
HC 95-110 North America: U.S. 3a 3b
HC 103.7 Natural Resources 2a 2b
HC 104-106.6 U.S. Econ. Hist. by Period    
HC 104-105 Colonial to 1900 3a 3b
HC 106-106.8 1901-1981 3a 3b
HC 106.8 1981- 3a 3b
HC 110.A4 Air Pollution 3a 3b
HC 110.C3 Capital 3a 3b
HC 110.C6 Consumers 1b 2b
HC 110.D4 Defense/Disarmament: Economic Aspects 3a 3a
HC 110.E5 Environmental Policy 3a 3b
HC 110.I5 Income 2b 3b
HC 110.L3 Labor Productivity 3a 3b
HC 110.P6 Poverty 3a 3b
HC 110.T4 Technological Innovation 2b 3b
HC 110.W2 Wage-Price Policy 2b 3b
HC 110.W4 Wealth 3a 3b
HC 110-120 Canada 2a 3b
HC 121-239 Latin America 2a 3b
HC 240-244 Europe 1b 2a
HC 241 European. Econ. Integration 1b 2a
HC 241.2 European Econ. Community 1a 2b
HC 244 Eastern Europe 1a 2b
HC 251-407 Individual European. Countries 1a 1b
HC 410.7-412 Asia 1a 1b
HC 415-415.4 Middle East 1a 3b
HC 426-430 China 1a 3b
HC 440.5-460 Southeast Asia 1a 2b
HC 460.5 E. Asia. Far East: General 1a 1b
HC 461-465 Japan 1a 2b
HC 466-470 Korea 1b 2b
HC 498 Arab Countries 1b 2b
HC 701-710 Communist Countries 1b 2b
HC 800-1085 Africa 1b 2b
HD 28-70 Industrial Org./Management 3a 3b
HD 58.7-58.8 Organizational Behavior 3a 3b
HD 59-60.5 Social Responsibilities 2b 3b
HD 66 Work Groups. Team Work 2b 3b
HD 70 Industrial Management 3a 3b
HD 72-89 Econ. Growth, Devel., Plan. 1a 3a
HD 101-2210 LAND. AGRICULTURE 1b 2a
HD 101-1395 Land 1b 2a
HD 1405-2210 Agriculture 1a 1b
HD 2321-4730 INDUSTRY 2a 3b
HD 2709-2930 Corp. Cartels. Trusts 2a 3b
HD 2757-2930 Industrial concentration 1b 3b
HD 2766-2930 United States 3a 3b
HD 2807-2932 Other Countries 3a 3b
HD 2951-3570 Industrial. Cooperation/ Profit Sharing. 1a 3a
HD 3611-4730 Industry and State 2a 3a
HD 3840-4730 State Industries. Public Works. Government Ownership 1b 2b
HD 4801-8943 LABOR 3b 3b
HD 4841-4854 History 2a 3a
HD 4861-4895 Labor systems 2a 3a
HD 4903 Discrimination. in Employment 3a 3b
HD 4904-4905 Work. Work Ethic 1a 2a
HD 4906-5100 Wages 1b 2b
HD 5106-5250 Hours 1b 3b
HD 5306-5450 Strikes. Lockouts 1b 3b
HD 5650-6000 Employ. Represent. in Mgmt. 1b 3b
HD 5701-5856 Labor Market. Unemployment 3a 3b
HD 5860-6000 Employment Agencies 3a 3b
HD 6050-6223 Woman Labor 2b 3b
HD 6228-6305 Groups of Workers by Age, etc. 1a 3a
HD 6331 Labor & Machinery. Automation. 1a 3a
HD 6350-6940 Trade Unions. Labor Unions 1b 3a
HD 6951-6976 Industrial Sociology. Industrial Relations 2a 3b
HD 6977-7080 Wages, Cost of Living 1b 3b
HD 7101-7104 Insurance. Public Health/Accident 3b 3b
HD 7105-7250 Pensions. Retirement 3a 3b
HD 7255-7256 Rehab. of the disabled 2a 3b
HD 7262-7269 Industrial. Safety. Accidents 3a 3b
HD 7285-7390 Housing 1a 3a
HD 7651-7801 Industrial Hygiene 3a 3b
HD 8001-8013 Government Employees 2b 3b
HD 8066-8072 History 3a 3b
HD 8073 Biography 2a 3b
HD 8081-8085 Immigration Labor. Min. Labor 2b 3b
HD 9000-9490 Agricultural Products 1a 1b
HD 9195-9398 Food Products. Groceries 2b 3b
HD 9410-9490 Animal Industries. Fisheries 1a 2a
HD 9502-9505 Energy Industries 2b 3a
HD 9506-9678 Mineral and Metal Industries 1b 3a
HD 9680-9712 Mechanical Industries 2a 3a
HD 9685-9697 Electrical Utilities/Industry Electronic Industries 2a 3a
HD 9698 Nuclear Power Industry 1b 2b
HD 9710-9711.5 Automation / Aerospace Industry 1b 2b
HD 9720-9739 Manufactures 2a 3a
HD 9750-9769 Forest Products 1a 2b
HD 9850-9949 Textiles. Clothing 1a 2b
HD 9980-9999 Service & Other Industries 2a 2b
HE 300-311 Urban Transportation 2b 2b
HE 331-373 Traffic Engineering. Roads 2b 2b
HE 381-971 Water Transportation 2b 2b
HE 380-560 Waterways. Ports 1b 2b
HE 561-971 Shipping 1b 2b
HE 731-953 Merchant Marine 1b 2b
HE 1001-5600 Railroads 1b 2b
HE 5601-5720 Automotive Transportation 2a 2b
HE 7601-9715 Telecommunication 2a 2b
HE 8700 Television 1b 2b
HE 8701-9715 Telephone Industry 1a 2b
HE 9761-9900 Air Transportation 2a 2b
HF 1-4040 COMMERCE    
HF 1003-1010 General Works 2b 3a
HF 1014-1027 Balance of Trade. Trade Statistics Commercial Geography 1b 3a
HF 1040-1054 Commodities 1b 3a
HF 1401-1650 Commercial Policy 2b 3a
HF 1412-1413 Developing Countries 1b 3a
HF 1416-1430 International Economic. Relations. Foreign Commercial Policy 3a 3b
HF 1451-1650 By Country 3a 3b
HF 1701-2701 Tariff Policy 2b 3b
HF 3001-4050 Commerce, by Region or Country    
HF 3211 The Americas: General 1a 3a
HF 3221-3490 Canada. Latin America 2b 3b
HF 3491-3760 Europe 1a 3a
HF 3761-4040.7 Asia. Africa 1b 2b
HF 5381-5391 Vocational Guidance. 2b 3b
  Business Ethics 3a 3b
HF 5410-5417.5 Marketing. Distribution 3a 3b
HF 5415.2-.3 Marketing research 3a 3b
HF 5415.6 Logistics 2b 3b
HF 5416.5-5417 Price Policy 2b 3b
HF 5419-5430 Wholesale Trade. Retail Trade 2b 3b
HF 5437-5459 Buying. Selling 2b 3b
HF 5500-5599 Business Organization 2b 3b
HF 5548.2 Electronic Data Processing 3a 3b
HF 5548.8 Industrial Psychology 3b 3b
HF 5550-5585 Finance. Credit Management 2a 3b
HF 5601-5689 Accounting 3b 3b
HF 5667 Auditing 2a 3b
HF 5679 EDP in Accounting 1a 3b
HF 5681 Cost Accounting. Financial Statements 3b 3b
HF 5691-5716 Business Math 1a 3b
HF 5801-6191 Advertising 3b 3b
HG 201-1496 Money 2a 3b
HG 230.3-313 Monetary policy 2a 3b
HG 451-1486 By country 2b 3b
HG 1501-3540 Banking 2a 3b
HG 3701-3781 Credit. Government Lending 2a 3b
HG 3810-3877 Foreign Exchange 2a 3b
HG 3879-4000 Internat;. Fin. & Banking 3a 3b
HG 4001-4495 Corporate Finance 3a 3b
HG 4501-6270 Stocks. Investments 2a 3b
HG 8011-9970 Insurance 2b 3b
HJ 2005-2199 Income and Expend. Budget 3a 3b
HJ 2240-7395 Revenue. Taxation 2a 3b
HJ 4104-4449 Property tax 3b 3b
HJ 4621-4824 Income tax 1b 3b
HJ 5703-5715 Consumption tax., sales tax 2a 3b
HJ 7451-7983 Expenditure 2a 3b
HJ 8003-8897 Public Debts 1a 2b
HJ 9000-9698 Local Finance 3b 3b
HJ 9701-9995 Governmental accounting 2b 3b
KF 1357 Accounting law, auditing, financial statements 2b 3b
KF 1444 Business Corporations--S.E.C.    
KF 1446 Accounting, auditing, financial statements 2b 3b
KF 3200-3580 Labor law 2a 3b
KF 6200-6265 Public Finance 3a 3b
KF 6271-6499 Taxation & Income Tax 2b 3b
KF 6525-6594 Property tax 2b 3b
KF 6600-6645 Excise taxes 2b 3b
KF 6720-6795 State and local finance 2b 3b
HD 30.23 Decision making 2b 3b
HD 30.25/6 Mathematical models, management games 2b 3b
HD 30.27 Forecasting 2b 3b
HD 30.29 Problem solving 2b 3b
HD 61 Risk management 2b 3b
HD 69.P75 Project management 3a 3b
QA 76-76.5 Computers/computer science 3a 3b
QA 76.6 Programming 3a 3b
QA 76.73 Programming Languages 3a 3b
QA 76.8 Special computers and systems. 3a 3b
QA 76.9 Other topics 3a 3b
QA 269 Game theory 2b 3b
QA 276 Statistics 3a 3b
T 57-59 Quantitative methods, O.R., Sys. analysis., Contr. systems. 3a 3b
TS 155 Production management 3a 3b
TS 156 Quality control & Process Control 3a 3b
TS 160 Inventory control 2b 3b

Rev. 1/19/2011 (jk)

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