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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The collection's primary purpose and emphasis is to support studies at the B.S. degree level and Master's degree level in Justice and Public Safety.   Secondary support is directed to faculty teaching and research and research assistance for library patrons. The interdisciplinary nature of this area requires that students and faculty consult related collections in the library.

B. Curricular Program Description

Approximately 40 courses are offered at the Baccalaureate level. Specific areas of concentration include Corrections-Juvenile Justice, Jurisprudence, Law Enforcement Administration, Legal Assistance, and Security Administration. At the Master's level areas of concentration include Corrections-Juvenile Justice, Judicial Administration, Law Enforcement Administration, and Security Administration. The program also offers an American Bar Association accredited Paralegal Education track.

C. New and Expanding Areas of interest

1. Disaster
2. Search and rescue
3. Space and Law

D. Areas of Specialization

1. Law enforcement planning            
2. Crime prevention             
3. Legal assistance                   
4. Victimology                                 
5. Juvenile justice
6. Industrial security
7. Private security
8. Campus law enforcement
9. Paralegal Education

E. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

Business Administration, Education, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology.


II. General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: English is the primary language of the collection. Foreign language materials are excluded. Key works originally published in a foreign language will be purchased only in English translation.

B. Chronological Coverage: Emphasis is on the 20th-century forward, but no period is excluded from consideration.

C. Geographical Coverage: Primary emphasis is on law and society in the United States, but no area is excluded from consideration. Materials covering other countries are obtained selectively.

D. Types of Materials: Included are encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, dictionaries, statistical works, abstracts, indices, bibliographies, biographies, casebooks, documentaries, monographs and journals, legal reporters.   Dissertations and conference proceedings are purchased selectively. All appropriate depository items issued by the Superintendent of Documents are acquired. Access to legal case law at the Federal level is provided via on-line access through Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe.

E. Imprint Date: Current in-print publications receive priority; however, selected retrospective publications are purchased in available formats as budget permits. Standard criminal justice and legal abstracts, indices, directories, handbooks, and other reference tools are updated regularly.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound and paperbound books are selected extensively. Books with media, pamphlets, serials, and periodicals are collected selectively. Microforms and audiovisuals are collected very selectively in consultation with the Justice and Public Safety.

G. Treatment of Subject: Publications encompassing law enforcement, ethical issues, corrections, police administration, juvenile delinquency, criminology and crime, as well as jurisprudence, education law, family law, constitutional law, and labor law are collected. Alabama law is collected extensively. Works written on a popular level are excluded.

H. Place of Publication: Emphasis is given to materials published in the United States, Canada and the U.K.. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Justice and Public Safety

1.) Standing Orders:

Alabama Legal Directory
Alabama Traffic Accident Facts
Alabama Rules of Court
Code of Federal Regulations
Federal Reporter
Legislator's Guide to Alabama Taxes
Martindale-Hubbel Law Directory
National Jail & Adult Detention Directory
Probation and Parole Directory
State Legislative Sourcebook
U.S. Code Congressional & Administrative News

2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Books and Forms; Baker & Taylor Forms.

J. Major Assessment/Selection Tools: American Reference Books Annual; Books for College Libraries; Choice; Cordasco, Francesco & David Alloway.   Crime in America: Historical Patterns and Contemporary Realities; Criminal Justice Abstracts; Index to Legal Periodicals; Katz, Bill. Magazines for Libraries; P.A.I.S.; Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books.

K. Deselection/Replacement: Currency is of primary importance in the field of Justice and Public Safety. Every effort is made to insure that the collection is up-to-sate and germane to the degree programs offered. Thus erroneous and dated materials are prime candidates for deselection/replacement, unless they retain some seminal or historical value. Superseded materials are weeded upon receipt of the current volume. Materials for deselection or replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on Deselection/Replacement.

L. Classifications That Define the Scope of the Collection:

HV6001-HV9960 - Social Pathology. Criminology

JX - International Law

K's - Law

M. Recommended Collection Level: 3bE

Library Liaison: Farrow         Subject: Justice & Public Safety



Collection Level

LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
HV 6001-9920 Criminology:General 2b 3b
HV 6035-6250 Criminal Anthrop. Criminals. Victims 1a 3b
HV 6251-7220 Crimes and Offenses 2b 3b
HV 6254-6492 Offenses Against the Public 2b 3b
HV 6493-6631 Crimes Against the Person.Suicide 2a 3b
HV 6558-6626 Violence Against Women 3a 3b
HV 6635-6773 Crimes Against Property.White Collar Crime 1b 3a
HV 6705-6727 Obscenity. Censorship 2b 3b
HV 6774-7220 Criminology, by Region or Country 2b 3b
HV 6774-6795 United States 2b 3b
HV 6801-7220 Other Countries 1a 2a
HV 7231-8280 Penology: General    
HV 7551-8280 Police 2a 3b
HV 8130-8280 By Country    
HV 8130-8148 United States 1b 3b
HV 8149-8280 Other Countries 1b 2a
HV 8301-9025 Prisons. Punishment. Prison Violence 2a 3b
HV 9051-9230 Juv. Delinquency: General 1a 3b
HV 9101-9230 Juvenile Delinquency, by Country    
HV 9103-9106 United States 1b 3b
HV 9107-9230 Other Countries 1a 1b
HV 9261-9430 Reformation. Rehabilitation 1b 3b
HV 9440-9920 Penology, by Country    
HV 9456-9499 United States 2a 3b
HV 9501-9920 Other Countries 1a 2a
K 190 Primitive Law. Ethnological Jurisprudence 1a 1a
K 201-487 Jurisprudence. Philosophy & Theory of Law 1a 3a
K 520-5570 Comparative Law 1a 3b
KD United Kingdom.Anglo-American Law (Common Law) 1a 2a
KF 1-159 Bibliography. Reference Wks 2b 3b
KF 202-213 Collections. 1b 3a
KF 220-224 Criminal Trials 1b 3a
KF 228 Civil Suits 3a 3b
KF 240-292 Legal Research. Legal Education 2a 3b
KF 294-338 Legal Profession 2a 3b
KF 350-374 History of American Law 2a 3b
KF 373 20th Century Biography 2a 3a
KF 379-391 Philosophy. General Works 2a 3b
KF 398-8228 Special Branches of American Civil Law    
KF 465-553 Law of Persons. Family Law 2a 3b
KF 566-698 Real Property. Land Law 1a 2b
KF 801-1241 Law of Contracts 1a 2b
KF 1246-1327 Torts 3a 3b
KF 1396-1416 Corporations. Securities 1a 2b
KF 1600-2994 Reg. of Trade, Commerce 2b 3b
KF 2986-3180 Copyright. Trademarks 2b 3b
KF 3301-3580 Labor Law 2a 3b
KF 3775-3829 Pub. Health. Medical Legislation 3a 3b
KF 3885-3894 Drug Laws 2a 3b
KF 3989 Sports Laws 1a 2a
KF 4101-4258 Education 2b 3b
KF 5401-5130 Constitutional Law 1b 3b
KF 4501-4561 Constitutional History of the U.S. 2a 3b
KF 4565-4578 Separation of Powers 3a 3b
KF 4600-4629 Federal-State Relations Contract Clause 1a 3a
KF 4741 Political Rights & Liberties    
KF 4741-4750 General Wks. Bill of Rights 2b 3b
KF 4865-4869 Church & State 2b 3b
KF 4885-4921 Election Law 2b 3b
KF 4930-5005 Congressional Powers 2a 3b
KF 5050-5125 Executive Branch. President 2b 3b
KF 5130 The Judiciary 3b 3b
KF 5300 Local Government 3b 3b
KF 5401-5425 Admin. Org. & Procedure 2b 3b
KF 5500-5677 Public Property. Water Resources. Public Land 3a 3b
KF 5691-5710 Planning. Zoning. Building 1a 1a
KF 5750-5755 Government Property. Public Records 2b 3b
KF 6200-6795 Public Finance. Taxation 2a 3a
KF 7201-7755 Natl. Defense. Military Law 3a 3b
KF 8201-8228 Indians 1a 1b
KF 8700-9075 Courts. Procedure 2b 3a
KF 8741-8748 Supreme Court    
KF 8741-8742 History 2b 3b
KF 8744-8745 Biography 2b 3a
KF 8748 Criticism 2a 3a
KF 8750-8752 Courts of Appeal 3a 3b
KF 8810-9075 Civil Procedure 1a 2b
KF 9201-9706 Crim.Law. Crim.Procedure 1b 3a
KFA-KFW States, A-W 1a 2a
KFZ Confederate States 3a 3a
KG-KH Latin America 0 1a
KJ-KM Europe 1a 1b
KP-KQ Asia 1a 1a
KR Africa 0 1a
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