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I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The collection's primary purpose is to support programs at the Baccalaureate level in International Studies. Secondary support is directed to faculty teaching and research. The interdisciplinary nature of these studies requires that students and faculty consult related collections in the library.

B. Curricular Program Description

The International Studies program at AUM emphasizes a knowledge of modern foreign cultures and is designed to enable the student to develop a speaking ability in at least one foreign language. The program consists of three ethnic study options: French Studies, Hispanic Studies, and German Studies. Aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills are emphasized, as well as developing a knowledge of the major writers and authors of the language. In addition to these three study options which focus on a specific language and culture, courses are offered which survey the significant literary works of the Western world. Other International Studies courses explore the geography, anthropology, ethnology, and social religious history of selected world cultures.

The curriculum has now expanded to focus on International Business, by providing students in the College of Business with language and cultural studies skills.

C. New and Expanding Areas of Interest

1. Arabic
2. Japanese
3. Modern Hebrew
4. Russian
5. Modern Greek     

D. Areas of Specialization

1. French language and literature
2. Hispanic language and literature
3. German language and literature

E. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

Anthropology; Art; Communications; Education; English; Geography; History; Philosophy & Religion; Political Science; Sociology; Theater


II.   General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: For French, German, and Spanish literature, emphasis is placed on acquiring books in the original language. The literature and literary criticism of other foreign languages is also collected in the original language to a lesser degree. The linguistic, anthropological, cultural, geographical, and ethnological aspects of foreign cultures are acquired in English or in English translations.

B. Chronological Coverage: No limitations.

C. Geographical Coverage: No limitations.

D. Types of Materials: Included are anthologies, atlases, encyclopedias, directories, dictionaries, handbooks, bibliographies, concordances, grammar books, style manuals, monographs, and journals. Publications and proceedings of professional organizations such as the Modern Language Association are acquired. Theses, dissertations and textbooks are purchased very selectively.

E. Imprint Date: Current in-print publications receive priority; however, selected retrospective publications are purchased in available formats as budget permits.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound and paperbound books, books with media, and serials are emphasized. Microforms are collected selectively when unavailable in print form or when space considerations are important. Audiovisuals are collected with monies from the Khaled endowment.

G. Treatment of Subject: Publications encompassing foreign language and literatures are collected. The historical, cultural, geographical, political, and anthropological aspects of world cultures are included. Material dealing with International Studies in relation to art, literature, and film is collected.

H. Place of Publication: No limitations.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting International Studies:  

         1.) Standing Orders:

Contemporary Authors
Contemporary Authors New Revision Series
Contemporary Literary Criticism
Dictionary of Literary Biography
Dictionary of Literary Biography Yearbook
Drama Criticism
Literary Criticism From 1400-1800
Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism
Poetry Criticism
Something About the Author
Twentieth Century Literary Criticism

2.) Approval Plans: BNA: Books and Forms; Baker & Taylor Forms.

J. American Reference Books Annuals; Books for College Libraries; Modern Language Association of America, MLAInternational Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures; Thompson, George A. Key Sources in Comparative and World Literature; Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books; Wynar, Bohdan S. Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-sized Libraries.  

Collection Development Tools: Choice; Library Journal; Booklist; Times Literary Supplement; Chronicle of Higher Education; New York Times Book Review; BNA forms; Baker & Taylor forms.

K. Weeding/Replacement: Currency is not a major criterion for assessment, thus deselection/replacement is kept to a minimum. Materials for weeding or replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on Weeding/Replacement.

L. Classifications That Define Scope of Collection

GB - Physical Geography
GF - Human ecology. Anthropogeography
GN - Anthropology
GR - Folklore
GT - Manners and Customs
HM - Sociology
HN - Social History
HT - Classical Languages & Literature
PB - Celtic Languages
PC - Romance Languages
PD - North Germanic, Scandinavian
PF - West Germanic languages. Dutch. German
PG - Slavic, Baltic, Armenian languages and literatures
PH - Finno-Ugrian Languages & Literature
PJ - Oriental Languages and Literatures
PK - Indo-Iranian Languages & Literatures
PL - East Asian languages and literatures
PN - Literature. General literary history & collections
PQ - Romance literatures
PT - Germanic literatures

Library Liaison: Gantt           Subject: International Studies



Collection Level

LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
G Geography, General, Atlases, Maps 2a 2b
GB Physical Geography 2a 2b
GF Human Ecology, Anthropogeog 1b 2b
GN Anthropology 1b 2b
GR Folklore 1a 1b
GT Manners and Customs 1b 2a
HM Sociology 2b 2b
HN Social History 2a 2b
HT Communities, Classe, Races 1b 2a
P Philology, Linguistics 1b 1b
PA 1-2995 Classical Philology 1b 1b
PA 3000-3049 Classical Literature 1b 2a
PA 3050-4500 Greek Literature 1a 2a
PA 5000-5665 Byzantine & Modern Greek Literature 0 1a
PA 6000-7041 Latin Literature 1a 1b
PB 1-41 Modern Languages (General) 1a 2b
PB 1001-3029 Celtic Languages & Literature 0 1a
PC 1001-1984 Italian, Sardinian Languages and Literature 0 1a
PC 2001-3761 French Language 2a 2b
PC 4001-4977 Spanish Language 2a 2b
PD 1501-7159 North Germanic, Scandinavian 0 2b
PF 1-979 Dutch Language 0 1a
PF 3001-5999 German Language 2a 2b
PG 1-498 Slavic Philology 0 1a
PG 601-799 Church Slavic 0 0
PG 801-1158 Bulgarian Lang. & Lit. 0 1a
PG 1171-1798 Serbo-Croatian Lang. & Lit. 0 1a
PG 2001-2850 Russian Language 0 2a
PG 2990-3155 Russian Literature: History & Criticism 1a 2a
PG 3200-3299 Russian Lit.: Collections 1a 2a
PG 3300-3490 Russian Lit.: Individual Authors 1a 2a
PG 3801-3998 Ukrainian Lang. & Lit. 0 1a
PG 4001-5198 Czech Lang. & Lit. 0 1a
PG 6001-7498 Polish Lang. & Lit. 0 1a
PH 1-498 Finnish Language & Literature 0 1a
PH 1201-3718 Hungarian, Ugrian Lang. & Lit 0 1a
PJ 1-995 Oriental Philology & Lit.: Gen'l 0 1b
PJ 1001-1989 Egyptology 0 0
PJ 4101-5809 Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac 0 2a
PK 101-2891 Indo-Aryan Languages 0 1a
PK 2901-5334 Indo-Aryan Literature 0 1a
PK 6001-6599 Iranian Philology & Lit. 0 1a
PL 1-489 Ural-Altic Languages 0 1a
PL 501-898 Japanese Language & Literature 0 2a
PL 1001-3299 Chinese Language & Lit. 0 1a
PL 3301-3505 Non-Chinese Langs. of China 0 1a
PL 4601-4961 Indo-Chinese, Karen, Tai Lngs 0 1a
PL 5001-7101 Oceanic Languages 0 1a
PL 8001-8844 African Languages 0 1a
PQ 1-841 French Literature: History, Criticism 2a 2b
PQ 1100-1297 Collection of French Lit. 2a 2b
PQ 1300-1596 Old French Literature 1a 2b
PQ 1600-1709 French Literature, 16th c. 0 1b
PQ 1710-1935 French Literature, 17th c. 1a 2a
PQ 1947-2147 French Literature, 18th c. 2a 2a
PQ 2149-2551 French Literature, 19th c. 2a 2a
PQ 2600-2651 French Literature, 1900-1960 1a 2b
PQ 2660-2686 French Literature, 1961- 1a 2b
PQ 4001-4886 French Literature 1a 2a
PQ 6001-8560 Italian Literature 1a 2a
PQ 9000-9699 Spanish Literature 1a 2b
PT 1-951 German Literature: History, Criticism, Folk Literature 1b 2b
PT 1100-1485 Collections of German Lit. 1b 2b
PT 1501-1695 German Lit.: 1050-1500 1b 1b
PT 1701-1797 German Lit.: 1500-1700 1b 1b
PT 1799-2592 German Lit.: 1700-1860/70 1a 2a
PT 2600-2659 German Lit.: 1860/70-1960 1b 2a
PT 2660-2668 German Lit.: 1961- 0 2b
PT 3701-4899 German Lit.: Provincial, Local Colonial, etc. 0 1a-1b
PT 5400-5547 Dutch Literature: Collections 0 1b
PT 5555-5880 Dutch Lit. Through 1960 0 1b
PT 5881 Dutch Literature, 1961, 0 1b
PT 5885-5980 Translations into Dutch, Provincial Dutch Lit., etc. 0 0
PT 6000-6471 Flemish Lit. since 1830 0 1a
PT 6500-6590 Afrikaans Lit. to 1960 0 1a
PT 6592 Afrikaans Lit. since 1961 0 1a
PT 7001-7099 Scandinavian Literature 0 1a
PT 7101-7599 Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Faroese 0 1a
PT 7601-8260 Danish Literature 0 1b
PT 8301-9155 Norwegian Literature 0 1a
PT 9201-9999 Swedish Literature 0 1a
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