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 I. Purpose and Program Description

A. Library's Collection Development Objectives

The collection's primary purpose and emphasis is to support studies at the undergraduate degree level in Visual Arts. The library also seeks to support MLA level coursework in this area. Additional support is directed to courses in the field of Art Education at the undergraduate and master's degree levels. Secondary support is directed to faculty teaching and research.

B. Curricular Program Description

Approximately thirty courses are offered in art history, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and graphic design, particularly computer aided design. In addition to the Majors & Minors in Visual Arts, students wishing to teach art in elementary and secondary school may combine the major in Visual Arts with the appropriate education courses to qualify for teacher certification.

C. New and Expanding Areas of Interest

1. World Art and Art History Resources.

2. Art Education.

D. Areas of Specialization

1. Art history     
2. Sculpture    
3. Ceramics    
4. Computer graphics
5. Painting
6. Printmaking
7. Photography

E. Overlap with Other Academic Disciplines and Library Collections

American Literature, Communications (advertising copy and layout), Drama, Education (elementary and secondary art education), English Literature, Music, Philosophy (aesthetics), and Western European Literature.


 II.   General Selection Guidelines

A. Languages: English is the primary language of the collection. Key works written in languages other than English are purchased selectively and usually in English translation.

B. Chronological Coverage: No limitations, though more emphasis is given to building the collection in the area of Renaissance and 19th century art at this time. A new emphasis has been placed on 20th century art, particularly from non-European sources. Collections continue on building design and architecture as art.

C. Geographical Coverage: Primary emphasis is on art and artists of the United States and Western Europe. A new emphasis on materials covering non-western and primitive art is being implemented, particularly focusing on 20th century non-western art.

D. Types of Materials: Primary emphasis is on professional books: both primary and secondary sources of art history, and scholarly studies of individual artists or works of art. Reference tools (encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, museum and gallery guides, bibliographies), are collected more selectively, with primary emphasis given to developing a core collection. Excluded are textbooks, symposium proceedings, anthologies of reproductions of art works (adding those of good quality only), auction catalogs, and dissertations.

E. Imprint Date: Date is not an important factor in art, though it is expected more current than retrospective books are to be acquired. In advertising art, computer graphics, and photography current materials are more important.

F. Physical Format: Hardbound and paper bound books are collected extensively; with microforms and audiovisuals being collected selectively. Excluded are original works of art and slides (collected by Art Department), pamphlets and portfolios.

G. Treatment of Subject: Although scholarly treatments of a subject are emphasized, there is some variation in what is needed for Art History and Studio Art:

1. Art History: The materials needed for art history courses range from the primary and secondary sources necessary to support undergraduate instruction, and from scholarly studies of the works of one particular artist or one particular work of art, to "picture books" consisting of reproductions of an artist's work, with little or no text, which are purchased when the quality of the reproductions is especially good.

2. Studio Art: The practice and methods of studio art, including techniques for all media and materials is emphasized. Some "how-to" (less scholarly) books might be treated more selectively.

H. Place of Publication: Emphasis is given to materials published in the United States and Canada. Materials from all other places are collected selectively.

I. Acquisitions Plans Affecting Fine Arts:

1.) Standing Orders: Encyclopedia of World Art (& suplts.)

2.) Approval Plans: Blackwell North America: Forms.

J. Major Assessment/Selection tools: Books for College Libraries; Ehresmann, Donald L. Fine Arts: A Bibliographic Guide to Basic Reference Works, Histories, and Handbooks; Humanities Index; Sheehy, Eugene P. Guide to Reference Books; Choice.

K. Weeding/Replacement: Currency of materials is not a major criterion for assessment, thus weeding/replacement is kept to an absolute minimum.   Materials for weeding or replacement are evaluated in accordance with the General Collection Management and Development Policy statement on Weeding/Replacement.

L. Classifications That Define Scope of Collection:  

N - Visual Arts (General)
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Drawing. Design
ND - Painting
NE - Print Media
NK - Decorative arts. Applied arts
NX - Arts in general
TR - Photography
TT - Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

         M. Recommended Collection Level: 2bE - 3aE

Library Liaison: Hightower                       Subject: Fine Arts


LC Class Descriptor Existing Strength Desired Strength
N Visual Arts (General)    
N 25-55 Reference Works 1a 2b
N 61-79 Theory, Phil., Aesth. 1b 2b
N 81-390 Study and Teaching 1a 2b
N 400-5299 Museums, Galleries, Exhibitions 1a 1b
N 5300-6494 HISTORY, BY PERIOD    
N 5300-5310 History, General 1b 3a
N 5310 Prehistoric 1a 2b
N 5215-5390 Ancient 1a 2b
N 5605-5896 Classic 1a 3a
N 5940-6320 Medieval 1a 3a
N 6370-6415 Renaissance/Baroque 1a 3a
N 6420-6425 18th century 1a 3a
N 6450-6465 19th century 1a 3a
N 6485-6494 20th century 1a 3a
N 6501-7418 HISTORY, BY COUNTRY    
N 6505-6539 United States, Canada 1a 3a
N 6750-7255 Europe 1a 3a
N 7260-7369 Asia 1a 2a
N 7350-7359 Japan 1a 2a
N 7380-7399 Africa 1a 2a
N 7400-7411 Oceania 0 0
N 7570-7649 Human Figures, Portraits 1a 2b
N 7790-8199 Religious Art 1a 2b
NA Architecture 1a 2b
NA 200-1613 History 1b 2b
NA 210-341 Ancient 1a 2a
NA 350-497 Medieval 1a 2a
NA 500-680 Modern 1a 2b
NA 703-738 North America: US 1a 2a
NA 737 Architects 1a 1b
NA 740-939 Canada, Latin America 0 0
NA 950-1455 Europe 1a 2b
NA 1460-1605 Asia, Africa, Australia 0 1a
NA 4100-8480 Special types of buildings 1b 2a
NA 9000-9425 City planning 1a 1a
NB 60-1113 HISTORY 1a 2b
NB 69-169 Ancient 1a 2b
NB 170-180 Medieval 0 2b
NB 185-198 Modern 1a 3a
NB 201-1113 History: Special Countries 1a 2a
NB 1120-1190 Study & teaching, technique 1a 3a
NC 50-376 HISTORY 1a 2b
NC 390-915 Study, technique, materials 1a 2b
NC 950-1004 Illustration, Advertising Art 1a 2b
NC 1280-1890 Caricature, cartoons, Posters 1a 0
ND 49-1113 HISTORY 1a 3a
ND 55-196 By Period 1a 3a
ND 200-1113 By country 1a 3a
ND 205-238 United States 1b 3a
ND 212 20th century 1a 3a
ND 237 Painters 1b 3a
ND 240-249 Canada 1a 2a
ND 250-439 Latin America 1a 2a
ND 450-955 Europe 1a 2b
ND 960-1113 Asia, Australia 1a 2a
ND 1115-1120 Study & teaching 1a 3a
ND 1259-128 Technique. Special Styles. Color 1a 2b
ND 1290-1460 Special Subjects: Portraits, Landscapes 1a 2a
ND 1700-2495 Watercolor painting 1a 2a
ND 2550-2888 Mural painting 1a 1a
ND 2890-3416 Illumination of books and manuscripts 1a 1b
NE 400-800 HISTORY 1a 2b
NE 820-962 General Works. Techniques 1a 2b
NE 1000-1325 Wood engraving, wood cuts 1a 2b
NE 1940-2230 Etching 1a 2b
NE 2242-2890 Lithography. Printing of Engravings 1a 2a
NK 600-1133 History of decorative arts 1a 1b
NK 1135-1149 Arts and crafts movement 0 0
NK 1700-3505 Interior decoration, Furniture 1a 0
NK 3600-3640 Lettering 1a 2a
NK 3700-4695 Ceramics 1a 3a
NK 5100-5440 Glass 1a 1a
NK 5566-8459 Gems, Metal 1a 0
NK 8800-9499 Textiles, Lace 0 0
NX 600 By Movement 1b 3a
TR PHOTOGRAPHY: History, Technique 1a 3a
Z 43-45 CALLIGRAPHY 1a 0
Revised 2/7/97
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