Collection Management & Development Policy 1992  (Revised 1997,2002)

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 I. Introduction

A. Description: The Collection Management and Development Policy describes the Library's collection management and acquisition efforts, and their relationship to the needs of the University's academic, research, and service programs. The policy is directed primarily to the library liaisons, the Collection Development Librarian, the Dean of the Library, and secondarily to the teaching faculty and instructional staff of the University. Others who may find it useful include patrons and potential resource sharing libraries within the state and region. The policy is a combination of narrative statements that follow the format outlined in the American Library Association's Guide for Written Collection Policy Statements and qualitative and quantitative assessments derived from list checking and shelf list measurements.

B. Purpose: The policy is intended to assist the librarians in the selection of library materials for the collection, and to serve as a guide to library resources for the faculty and other patrons. It assists the librarians in the decision-making process regarding routine acquisition of monographs and serials, standing orders, gifts and exchange assessments, and in establishing priorities to guide decisions on organization, retrospective conversion and preservation. The policy defines the scope of the existing collections and outlines recommendations for future development of collections. It describes collection management and development practices to assist librarians and teaching faculty with the selection and weeding of materials in a consistent and fiscally responsible manner. The policy is intended to build better communication lines between the teaching faculty and librarians with collection development responsibilities, and to enable them to evaluate progress in meeting collection goals.

C. Mission of the Library: The primary mission of the library is to provide faculty, students, and staff with the materials required for effective teaching, learning and research. TO BE REVISED

D. Mission of the University: As the metropolitan campus of a land grant institution, Auburn University at Montgomery blends the traditional view of the university as an integral part of the surrounding community, state, and region. Its mission is to foster and exemplify excellence in education through instruction, research, and service--to provide academic programs that are not only characteristic of the finest traditions of the liberal arts, business, the sciences, nursing and education, but also consistent with the responsibility of the university to provide for the functions of government, cultural enrichment through the arts, and regional economic growth. As a center of learning dedicated to the examination of ideas and values influencing civilization, AUM is committed to:

1. Providing its students with an understanding of the issues, ideas, and values that have a significant impact on the development of society;

2. Developing in its students the methodological approaches essential to understanding contemporary society and its problems, and to fostering critical thinking;

3. Providing students with a broadly based education, as well as preparing them for the learned professions;

4. Conducting research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge;

5. Extending its knowledge, skills, and resources to the community, state, and region;

6. Providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

AUM encourages open and free inquiry and seeks to instill in its students ways of thinking, communicating, and learning that will be of enduring value.

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