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The AUM library maintains a small leisure-reading collection known as the Browsing collection, which consists of recreational reading materials. Books of high literary qualify are added to this collection on the basis of their potential appeal to students, faculty and staff of the University, and community. The books added to this collection often represent areas of interest which fall between the curricular programs of the university. This collection is uncataloged and is not part of the permanent collection although some of the books may in fact later be cataloged and added to the collection. The books bay be checked out at the access services desk for the same period of time as books from the regular collection.

The purpose of the Browsing collection is to give a greater range to the recreational reading of the library's users. Selections cover subjects such as mysteries, science fiction, travel, current affairs, sports, biography, general interest science, historical novels, and best sellers. The main criterion will be literary quality. Condensed novels, periodicals, books on hobbies and crafts, technical works, books in poor physical condition, etc., will be excluded.

Books in the Browsing collection are selected primarily from book donations to the library, although orders of new books may be made--funds permitting--from lists such as those published in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Other purchases may be made based on book reviews form Library Journal, Booklist, of Choice. The collection will be weeded periodically by the Coordinator of Collection Development (at least once every quarter) to assure rotation of titles. Most items will remain on the shelf for six months, never more than one year. Some of the weeded books may then be added to the permanent collection by the subject liaisons, while others will be sold through the Access Services Desk or discarded.

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