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30th edition (2013) of Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans: A Guide to Education-Related Financial Aid Programs for Students and Professionals, published by GALE Publishing.

Alabama Virtual Library full-text
An information service for the interdisciplinary research needs of academic, corporate and educational institutions, offering comprehensive coverage of literature across all fields of science. full-text
Information on chemistry including articles and chemical structure diagrams. First time users MUST register with SciFinder from an on-campus computer via the following link: Scifinderweb New User Registration
Essays on more than 1,600 authors and literary genres. Alabama Virtual Library full-text
Full-text access to 36,000 American books, pamphlets and broadsides published in the first nineteen years of the nineteenth century including state papers and government materials; presidential letters and messages; and congressional, state and territorial resolutions. full-text
Over 1,300,000 records with subject headings from a 15,000 term sociology-specific thesaurus including full text for 235 "core" journals dating back to 1895, and 72 "priority" coverage journals as well as full text for 545 books and monographs, and full text for 6,601 conference papers. full-text
The world's most comprehensive source of full text for sports & sports medicine journals, providing full text for more than 520 journals dating back to 1985. full-text

Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions is the next generation consumer market research tool that delivers sophisticated demographic, segmentation, and targeting data for media planners and consumer marketers.Provided by the Marketing Department, AUM College of Business.  Subscription provides access ONLY to Nielsen Segmentation & Market Solutions. 

This resource REQUIRES the use of Internet Explorer 9 or below.  Users must add claritas.com to their list of sites run in Compatibility View.


Business and investment information from Standard and Poor's.


Provides middle and high school students with appropriate research tools for obtaining the information that they need from the EBSCO databases.

Alabama Virtual Library